Call for artists

The representation of the body has always been intimately connected to the art world. Subject to canons of beauty, to aesthetics, to harmony, and to ideals, the body is endlessly reexamined. With the arrival of modernity, new characteristics emerge, suggesting polemical and subversive works. The idea of Beauty has been called into question, and with it verisimilitude and the notion of proportions. Since then, the representation of the body has been dislocated, dismembered, geometricized, disfigured, stylised, even liberated from representation itself. Today, the body is presence, a tangible trace of the artist’s body in the work, of the model’s body in the work, of the public’s body in the work. This presence is echoed in the articulating interface, in the Cartesian tradition, the divine and the material, the spirit and the body: the brain. The human brain stores, learns, understands, translates, metabolises, and thus arrives at the stage in which it has become its own subject of study. The brain, producer of thought, affects, and tendencies, has become an object of study, which it is thought can be changed, enhanced, in the same way that the entire body can be altered. Today, the brain is beginning to give up the secrets of its function to us. These discoveries are changing our capacity for knowledge, and our beliefs

The brain and the body are still too often approached in a dualistic way. Yet understanding the intimacy of this body-brain relationship, and complex interactions, means perceiving the individual as a whole, having a holistic vision. Progress made in basic and clinical research has highlighted these close relationships. Art is not left behind, but its reflections, its visions, its uses are diffused in scientific circles only with difficulty. We are convinced that a fruitful dialogue on this subject can be established between art and science. This is why we have decided to publish a digital magazine dedicated to the subject. This magazine will be published alongside the conference BRAIN and BODY, IT IS TIME TO WORK TOGETHER

“From the body to the Self, to the expression of self, there is but a step; from body image to the self-image, there is but a jump1” F. Parfait

The axes:

  • Immersion
  • Perceptions
  • Movements
  • Emotions and affects…


We would like to provide you with the opportunity to submit a contribution to the HBiM Journal: articles or creation.

a) Articles: Text (minimum 3000 characters), photographs and / or graphics (300DPI, colors, free of rights).

b) Creation: You can transmit your creations (photography, drawing, etc.) to us digitally or by means of high quality copy. It should be accompanied by an abstract. The total length of the abstract for the creation (names, affiliation, text, tables and figures) must not exceed 3 000 characters (including spaces)

Deadline: 15 October 2017 to 01 February 2018

Scientific committee:

  • Bernard Anaïs
  • Van Hove Olivier

Submission address:

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