Human Body In Motion Congress

The therapies concerning the movements are evolving and new approaches are developing. The know-how concerning the patients’ healthcare is therefore getting richer.

The congress will focus on the close links between quality healthcare and innovative research.

The focus will be put on the exchange between the actors dealing with therapies concerning movements, such as physiotherapists, engineers, doctors, researchers… through workshops involving therapists, laboratories and spin-offs.

We will always have in mind to articulate fundamental science, applied science and “real” know-how.

The idea is to create a true dialogue benefitting both the therapist on the field and the researcher.

Interest for the therapist

  • Scientific interest
  • Acquisition of new techniques
  • Dialogue to develop new strategies in terms of healthcare
  • Demonstrate the efficiency of a care technique
  • Strengthening of the links between laboratories and spin-offs
  • Understanding the tools used
  • Open the debate on new technologies in healthcare

Interest for the laboratories

  • Strengthening of the links with the therapists
  • Understand the expectations of the therapists
  • Demonstrate to all therapists the importance of the work performed in the laboratories
  • Highlight the link between fundamental and applied science

Interest for the spin-offs

  • Improvement of the penetration rate of the applications for the therapists
  • Possibility to use their innovations in new applications
  • Strengthening of the trust from the therapists

Accreditation is required.


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