About Human Body In Motion

Human Body In Motion is a non-profit organization which aims at enhancing the dialogue between various visions of the human body, its movements and the related therapies.

The organization wants to be multi-disciplinary as well as inter-disciplinary and wants to fit in today’s context of high evolution in terms of research and innovation but also on the economic and social fields.

In this context of mutations, the organization wants to become a meeting as well as a contributing platform for various actors such as the therapists, the scientists, the philosophers, the sociologists, the engineers…

The organization wants to promote the knowledge and experience sharing, but also, if applicable, to make evolve the know-hows.

The organization is willing to become the meeting point between what some call the sensitive reality (therapist-patient relationship) and the scientific truth (belonging to the scientists).

Contact : info@hbim.be

Physiology in extreme conditions

Even though the interest for the physiology in extreme conditions is not new, we only start to see the benefits it generates on the healthcare.


  • Brain mechanism when facing the extreme conditions (hypoxia, extreme heat and cold…)
  • The sensorimotor changes when facing these extreme conditions (micro-gravity, extreme efforts…)

All these researches may bring new ways to approach the patients as well as innovations and applications. Moreover, climatic changes could have a significant impact on the patient and the physiology in extreme conditions could bring a significant help. This is what we try to demonstrate and why we try to find the reasons why the human beings are constantly exploring those limits.

Mathematics & Modelling

In this section, we are exploring the usage of mathematics, modelling and “big data” dealing with therapies of and for the movement.


  • The usage of mathematical equations to optimize the sport results, or in revalidation, or in validating empiric techniques.
  • Modelling to “visualize”: the treatment efficacy, movement adaptations, kinematic, the kinetic and muscle coordination… leading to a help-device or a treatment setup.

The use of mathematics and modelling in healthcare brings epistemological and ethical questions. The organization is willing to address them.

Technology & Healthcare

We will explore the technologies to treat the patients or to help them in their daily lives. We will therefore explore robotic, virtual reality as well as the use of accelerometers and the serious-gaming.
In this field, we currently witness the creation of many academic spin-offs but also of pure commercial applications. The aim will be to push the therapists to consider the use of those applications: precision, real therapeutic effects…

We will try to create specific relationships between laboratories and therapists to make sure they share their questions concerning the use of those new technologies in their daily lives and that they evaluate together their reliability.

Those new technologies have social and philosophical consequences that the organization will explore and debate.